THREATENS ENTIRE NATION. TELLS U.S.A., "I know where you ALL live!"

Mikey Smash on trial for Holo-murder

In a move that was shocking to no-one, and following a circus-like trial of violent criminals William Mouth and Mikey Smash, Mikey told reporters yesterday, "I'll hit you with a brick! I know where you live!" This comes only hours after threatening all potential jury members, and even the citizens of the entire country as a whole. The once obscure C-level horror actor has spent the past year rising to fame through a series of well-publicized stunts, including the murder of the hologram of Tupac.

Initial reports speculated that the Hologram of Notorious B.I.G. was involved in the deletion of Tupac while on stage in London late last year. Detectives quickly discovered that the holo-breach had originated from a laptop in a hotel room in Charlotte, North Carolina named "A.J.'s Laptop". After a successful raid on the hotel room (during an event called "Monster Party" - a horror fan film convention) and a short on-foot chase, three suspects were apprehended. Mikey Smash, William Mouth, and their assistant, A.J. Browning.

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